As the target group, we included all sectors of our customers, our employees, our solution partners, society and the expectations of our shareholders, our conversion goal satisfaction; Timely and sustainable process approach us with the trust and support of our stakeholders, is to realize the cost and quality.


360 Degrees
Our Quality Approach

  • We aim to continuously improving the competitiveness of the quality of service and protection work with qualified business partners,
  • To ensure continuous improvement of information, education and promoting changes,
  • To receive fast communication, teamwork, and innovation,
  • To offer appropriate services in the all areas relevant to the standards,
  • To monitor technological developments and to support the functioning of processes with innovative services and technologies,
  • To set an example to the community with the companies act with social responsibility activities,
  • To keep under control environmental pollution factors, take measures to minimize and employees toward this goal as taking into account the environmental impacts during operations and services,
  • Under the Occupational Health and Safety Executive guidelines to prevent injuries and health problems as a result of the activities of the risk by guaranteeing all employees and provide a healthier and safer environment for visitors,
  • Our company and our stakeholders to ensure the security of information; Manage risk and risk in this direction by holding breach incidents minimize business continuity at the highest level possible,
  • Reaching our customers requests, complaints and suggestions laws, regulations and company policies in the framework of consistent, systematic, fair, impartial and confidential assessment of the present and approaches to solutions

360 Degree Quality

Hedef Gıda A.Ş. forwards towards excellence of its innovative, modern and success-oriented work approach by the power of the long history and to accumulate with one slogan: 360 Degree Quality! The concept of quality not only in certain sections; "360 Degrees", at every stage of our operations, in every step we take; enterprise is implemented as a part of our responsibility to contribute to sectoral and national development. Quality Our company recognized as a way of life, process management and monitoring and analyzing all the functions; "Continuous improvement" to adopt the philosophy and it is aimed that the maximum level of "customer satisfaction". Minimum error, maximum efficiency with our customers and strick the purpose of creating value for all our stakeholders Total Quality Management In our journey with, being crowned our system with the documentation we received, each time with the steps we take to the EFQM excellence model "We work for the best".

Customer Satisfaction

From the past until today, you have shown your performance and your quality of service that you provide, because you consolidate your intimate feeling with friendly service family destination thanks to food. Our cooperation; desire to maintain the same quality and performance for many years.
Ziya Akpınar / Burda Market
From the day we started working to provide quick response to our request, since the desired location in order to deliver our desired date, thank you for giving us a chance to work with a team of positive we can reach whenever we want.
Faruk Güzeldere / Gökkuşağı Marketleri
Cause of companies relevant to your industry, serving in marketleritürkiye you mislead us about the answers we give to target food questions, precision and services that you provide and product availability with your sincerity us, we appreciate your not satisfied continuously.
Hayrullah Yıldız / Hit Gıda
Thank you for your immediate attention and service you have shown in our company.
Aydın Altun / Altunlar Market
Thank you very much for your immediately response to our demands, required to perform a seamless delivery to each point and your friendly staff that is always with us
Remzi Zerdali / Etik Gıda
Service that you provide value to our company and our satisfaction that you have shown Thank you for your continuous upgrade. I hope that the collaboration has given us the same success and sincerity, we continue to work together for many years.
Ahmet Mazhar Kösoğlu / Mahmutoğlu Elektronik