Hedef Gıda continues to grows every day by sales and distribution of  food, cleaning and cosmetic products through service network as 30.000 points abroad as maintaining its leading position in the industry.

Our company meets the expectations of our customers with the required time and quality service concept with its storage areas, a fleet of vehicles and skilled labor about  selling and distribution and it represents nearly half a century of experience.

In Abroad
30.000 Points
23.300m² Storage
415 Employees 210 Vehicles
Skilled Workforce
Powerful Fleet
Impeccable Quality of Service


To add value to its stakeholders in all the sectors as a brand of trust and sustainability in the light of our values.


To provide complete and innovative services in time through professional staff, strong infrastructure and sustainable business model.


General Manager


Today, we see what things have been achieved much better when looking back at our upcoming 50th anniversary of the commercial history. Sales system as the regular visits form which we have reached today started in 1965 for the first time in the Eastern provinces and began with three hot selling vehicles. Nowadays we lead to Turkeys Leading Sales and Distribution Company which has engaged to 23.300 m2 of storage space, 210 vehicles, 30.000 points and 3 different regions for the operation. I would like to reiterate that we would be honored to share our justify pride with all our business partners and our customers.

As Hedef Gıda A.Ş (Hedef Food Inc.) we work with domestic and foreign business partners who are especially the leader in the industry. Our goal is the manufacturer of our products entrusted to us the highest point in the direction of their strategy is to provide the fastest way to reach the most appropriate and cost. Besides, the best way to ensure that exhibited at the point, we see digital distribution and targeted market share transport as the main focus of our business.

There are giant Turkish Companies in our portfolio such as Eczacıbaşı Girişim, Öncü, Dimes, Doğanay, Türk Kızılay, Sinangil Kalecik Un, Sera Fresh as well as international company such as PG, Numil. Our strategy is primarily giving all services to companies of similar size but provide the best service to our existing portfolio in Turkey, including the Marmara region to increase the number of our turnover and point.

We see as a task to increase our number of employees, and contribute to our social responsibility projects.

We recognize our responsibilities with local chains and other points. We send orders they give their time, we are constantly working to meet the contents of your order and to improve these processes.

Our organizational structure, which will be addressed in the field of services; for we have a staff of highly experienced and trained as Hedef Gıda A.Ş. Investing in human resources from within our company has been working periodically raised international or local manufacturing company that managers experience the culture by developing and join the site.

The principle of continuous growth and development of the Hedef Gıda, this mission will continue taking into consideration the development and exchange opportunities.