Constantly evolves as a target, which will contribute to our growth and selects candidates to grow with us, and we believe the development together. People know that our employees are our most valuable resource and grew fundraise for their development.

The company grows, employees in developing, growing and do not forget the value they bring to the company.
  • We value our employees,
  • We listen to them,
  • We offer our employees a sense of where they can find what they do and they can do a good business environment.


  • Target food, providing a major contribution to our country in terms of both our economy by providing high social employment.
  • Turkey Our company, which will continue to be talked proudly of the name in the food industry believe will achieve far greater success.
  • Target food is my favorite features, providing us an open learning environment and the availability of career opportunities within the company.
  • Target Food years of experience, knowledge and the leadership, the school has been the industry.
  • Is the industry leader in terms of feel the power of the brand and the business partners believe that stronger than most companies.
  • Target Food, establishing family relationships with employees, not only in the business environment in our personal and social life with us.
Our Leaders Position
Çetin Yılmaz General Manager
Sebahattin Erler Financial and Administrative Affairs Director
Emine Ocak Supply Chain Director
Seçil Gole Human Resource Manager